Item Description: KEF Model 101 Photo Gallery / 05Box1
All images and information supplied by Steve Bell (email on Sunday 11 January 2004

Cabinet shown with drive units removed. Both drive units fit into rebated holes, the B110 has a gasket strip on its rear, whilst the T27 gasket is shown seated in the rebate. The B110 screws into T-Nuts fitted on the rear of the front baffle and the T27 is held in with 0.75inch wood screws. Construction is solid, using 18mm chipboard/MDF. The cabinet is lined on all surfaces, except the front baffle, with 0.25inch bitumous panels, stapled in place. There is a brace between the B110 and T27 apertures. Further damping is provided by 1inch BAF wadding, lining all but the front baffle.

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