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What do you get when you cross a Cantata with HTS2001 in 7.1

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:34 pm    Post subject: What do you get when you cross a Cantata with HTS2001 in 7.1 Reply with quote

I use 5 KEF HTS 2001 "EGG" Uni-Q speakers for my home theater set up. They are alright for DVD movies, but pretty inadequate for music. I have been noticing this as I use the system more regularly to stream Tidal, an Internet content provider.

My old 5.1 receiver blew up and has been replaced with a 7.1 receiver. I also own KEF Cantata's that are not used much these days and I am considering using them as my L/R mains in a 7.1 home theater. I will start playing with this and see how they match up. Comments or advise about the harmonious matting of these speakers through EQ is welcome.

But, I am troubled by the mid-low-bass response of the HTS2001 Eggs that drop's like a stone under 200Hz. The HTS2001 Uni-Q drivers ostensibly drop at 80Hz, the subwoofer is supposed to carry the day from 150Hz down, but it is pretty inadequate for music. There is this odd subwoofer presence that sound pressures/thumps and an anemic, empty, quality to lower octaves. So, I want to build helper woofer cabinets for the Uni-Q's and mate them to 8" drivers like the KEF 300B's or some other bass unit that would match them. Classic 300B's and B139's are hard to come by so I am open to Dayton, Vifa, etc.

I want to use a passive crossover like the arrangement I have with my Cantata kit. Actually, these LF crossover's are still available from Falcon. But there are likely other crossovers that would be better for the HTS2001 Uni-Q top given that it is not a B110/T52 top like the Cantata.

So the DIY KEF project is to choose a driver and a crossover that would mate the HTS2001 Eggs onto a bass enclosure with an appropriate crossover. I would be grateful for driver, crossover, and enclosure recommendations.
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T.O. Chef
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In my experience, well powered Cantata's provide excellent bass in an HT setup. They also are very good on their own as dedicated R/L front channel doing LFE duty at the same time, but they are a bit "boxy".

If you want to play around with eggs as fronts why not add an amp (or use 2 of the 7.1 receivers internal ones if they are assignable) and sit the little guys atop the Cantata's. Use the Cantata's for the LFE, eggs crosssed over at 120Hz or so. You can't beat having dual woofers doing the LFE work, beleive me. Single sub's don't compare.
In this scenario you'll have the super bass from the Cantata's coupled with the dynamics and wide sounstage of the Eggs.

I did this very successfully using Kef 101's.
In my case I used an outboard electronic crossover (4the order) to split the bands, and I found 120Hz to be just about perfect for the B110's / B139's.
I'm not familiar with the Eggs, but I bet you'll have a similar experience to mine with them once the crossover point is optimized.

Have Fun!
Music is food for the soul.
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